Why does God not give me a mate

Why am I not married?

Which job should I take? Why doesn’t God give us clear and simple directions on the decisions we have to make, especially when it seems so easy to go off track and miss His will?

I’ve got to tell you, while I was moving from place to place trying to follow God’s lead, squeezing through slightly open doors and smacking my head against closed ones, I began to feel like one of those shiny silver balls in a pinball machine. I asked God time and again, “Lord, where does this all lead?” It’s clear to me now that those seemingly unrelated decisions set me on a different trajectory from which other, bigger decisions would come. They taught me to persevere and to trust Him day to day as these decisions came up.

There are many verses in the Bible that indicate each of us is where we are right now for a reason in God’s plan. There’s another side to the story of how we fit into God’s ultimate plan: our effect on those around us.

In The Search, the first e-book in the “God’s Will for the Rest of Us” series, we take a look at the common questions and viewpoints of God’s will and show why some of them lack scriptural basis and lead to confusion. We will also set the stage for the broader study of “God’s will for the rest of us” as the warrior, runner, farmer, and sacrifice.

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