following God in important things

The One Most Important Thing

I love to read. Books, blogs, news articles, the Bible, theology, history, sci fi, biographies, engineering, a novel here and there. So, doing what I love, I came across an article on Facebook earlier this week that was written in response to this Dave Ramsey post called “20 Things the Rich Do Every Day.” Now, […]

What Might Have Been

In a few days, the American people will pause to remember the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, 35th president of the United States. A week or so ago, I read a Washington Post article lamenting the vast array of movies, TV specials and documentaries summoned forth each year to relive that fateful twenty-second […]

Compass what would God have me do

Clear Thinking in a Confusing World

Not too long ago, I read an article describing how two groups of Christians reacted to a major, emotional story in the headline news. One group got their news from their trusted conservative sources, the other from their liberal ones. They discussed the story with their fellow church members who shared the same interpretation of […]

Finding God

His Grace is Deeper Than Our Grief

Several weeks ago, a church youth group was returning from a week at camp when their bus tragically crashed less than a mile from home, killing the youth pastor, his wife, their unborn child, and a church worker. I was touched by the grace of the church pastor, who was also the youth pastor’s father, […]

Tom Mayhew retires from the Navy

End of an Era and the Beginning of Another

I posted the following on my Facebook page a few weeks ago. I look forward to the next adventure, and am grateful for the comments I received from friends, classmates, colleagues, and neighbors on the occasion of my retirement from the Navy: ******* All good things must come to an end. Early next month I […]

Why does God not give me a mate

Why am I not married?

Which job should I take? Why doesn’t God give us clear and simple directions on the decisions we have to make, especially when it seems so easy to go off track and miss His will? I’ve got to tell you, while I was moving from place to place trying to follow God’s lead, squeezing through […]

knowing gods will

God, Just Tell Me!

Most of us Christians want to know His will, so why must this whole exercise be so difficult? Why doesn’t God just tell us what He wants us to do? Because the age-old question “What is God’s will for my life?” has no easy or straightforward answer, many people quit or settle for less before […]

Why does bad stuff happen?

Why me God?

If we’re following God’s will, isn’t our life supposed to be easy, or at least easier? A friend has cared for her mother and three husbands as they lay dying from terminal illnesses. Of all the people I know, here’s a person who could ask, “Why me, God?” When I think of her, I think […]

How to know God's will for my life

Honoring God outside the church building

How can we ever feel like we are honoring God with the non-church activities that take up most of our time? Most books on God’s will are written by pastors trying to help other Christians find their way. These ministers write from their own experience and perspective, which seldom contains firsthand knowledge of life out […]

Christians living as a sacrifice

Wrestling with God

It’s not a fun place to be. Lying awake in the middle of the night, we ask God why and plead with Him to reveal what comes next. Why the struggle? Here is an important principle for “the rest of us”: God conditions us to receive His promises and the missions He’s planned for us. […]