knowing gods will

God, Just Tell Me!

Most of us Christians want to know His will, so why must this whole exercise be so difficult? Why doesn’t God just tell us what He wants us to do?

Because the age-old question “What is God’s will for my life?” has no easy or straightforward answer, many people quit or settle for less before they find out.

They may take the easier path and follow someone else’s guidance instead of God’s. As we’ll see in more detail later, we must be careful of this. Each of us has a responsibility to find and follow God’s will for our own life.

In other parts of the “God’s Will for the Rest of Us” series, we explore why God purposely makes our search for His will difficult and challenging. It’s not because He’s mad at us or doesn’t like us. No, God has much more at stake with us than to cast us adrift to chart the course of our lives alone.

There are many verses in the Bible that indicate each of us is where we are right now for a reason in God’s plan.

In The Search, the first e-book in the “God’s Will for the Rest of Us” series, we take a look at the common questions and viewpoints of God’s will and show why some of them lack scriptural basis and lead to confusion. We will also set the stage for the broader study of “God’s will for the rest of us” as the warrior, runner, farmer, and sacrifice.

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