How to know God's will for my life

Honoring God outside the church building

How can we ever feel like we are honoring God with the non-church activities that take up most of our time?

Most books on God’s will are written by pastors trying to help other Christians find their way. These ministers write from their own experience and perspective, which seldom contains firsthand knowledge of life out there in “the world.”

Sure, their books will discuss how to approach a big life decision such as whom to marry or which college to attend, but the examples they provide often come from their counseling sessions with others.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, most of these books mention a corporate or secular work-life only in passing. As a result, many of us are left wondering whether we have missed God’s “perfect” will for our lives through sin, neglect, or even our own cluelessness.

Because there’s so little coherent guidance on God’s will for our lives when we’re not in church, many Christians instead rely on mystical or haphazard methods to find God’s will. They never take the time to find out what absolute riches and blessings He’s promised us, or where to find them in God’s Word, and therefore suffer the consequences.

There are many verses in the Bible that indicate each of us is where we are right now for a reason in God’s plan.

In The Search, the first e-book in the “God’s Will for the Rest of Us” series, we take a look at the common questions and viewpoints of God’s will and show why some of them lack scriptural basis and lead to confusion. We will also set the stage for the broader study of “God’s will for the rest of us” as the warrior, runner, farmer, and sacrifice.

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