The Sacrifice

Who's on the Altar - Who's on the Throne?

God wants to be on the throne of our lives–and wants us on the altar as a living sacrifice. A wonderful future is promised to those who learn to give their all to the Lord and put Him first, above all else, in their lives.

The Fourth Step – Becoming a Sacrifice

Jesus became the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. He invites us to present ourselves as a living sacrifice to enter into that close fellowship with Him that gives "the peace that passes all understanding."

In 2 Timothy 2, Paul brought up four perspectives to illustrate valuable concepts of the victorious Christian life.

Here is an excerpt of the fourth of these perspectives: The Sacrifice
In Timothy 2:11, Paul said, “Here is a trustworthy saying: If we died with him, we will also live with him.” This gives us insight into the fourth perspective of the victorious Christian life God has given to ‘the rest of us’. It is the role of a sacrifice, the taking of an innocent life to cover the sins of another. Jesus Christ on the cross, the ultimate and sufficient sacrifice of all time, is the bedrock foundation of our Christian beliefs, the essence of our stewardship, and the basis of our hope in eternal life.
For me, it calls to mind Galatians 2:20….God’s Will, the Christian experience, is fundamentally linked not only to the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us on the cross, but also to our responsibility to give our lives back to Him. It’s directly aligned with the fulfillment of Old Testament laws and prophecies about ‘atonement,’ the payment for sin by offering an innocent sacrifice.

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