The Warrior

How to Stand Victorious in God's Plan

Christ followers are in a constant battle against a determined and treacherous foe who is actively trying to deceive and destroy us.  God has given us spiritual armor and principles of warfare that we can use to stand firm in the faith, prevail against the enemy, and find God’s will for our lives.

The First Step – Becoming a Warrior

Every Christian needs to know how to battle Satan and his attacks. They will come immediately after a person places his faith and trust in Christ. Doubts, guilt, lies, and temptations can and must be fought using God's spiritual armor and weaponry to gain the solid foothold on spiritual maturity.

In 2 Timothy 2, Paul brought up four perspectives to illustrate valuable concepts of the victorious Christian life.

Here is an excerpt of one of these perspectives: The Warrior
In 2 Timothy 2:3, Paul tells Timothy to “endure hardship with us as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.” The perspective of a warrior, a soldier at war, is particularly relevant to Christians today. Whether you realize it or not, we are in an ongoing battle with a treacherous and determined enemy. Satan will stop at nothing except God’s power, and our own vigilance and resistance, to take us out of the fight. The ‘Christian-as-warrior’ perspective is one of intense awareness, preparation and self-discipline, as well as strength, purpose, victory in battle.
As we examine the Christian-as-warrior over the next few chapters, let’s begin with a look at how our enemy, Satan, wages war against us. We’ll follow this by exploring what the Bible says about our role in spiritual warfare. We’ll learn what we can do to stand firm against the enemy’s attacks and how to emerge victorious in God’s plan for our lives.

How to stand victorious in God's plan

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