Tom Mayhew

Tom Mayhew has developed a unique and refreshing approach to finding God’s will–wherever we are.

His perspective is from that major part of our lives when we are outside the church building in our homes, in school, in our jobs. His life experiences, from Bible college to simultaneous careers in the corporate world and the military, helped him understand how God works with believers through a uniquely tailored life training plan.

Why I wrote the book

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Tom grew up in West Texas and became a Christian when he was sixteen years old after hearing the Gospel message from a next-door neighbor.

He became very active in a local church youth group and music ministry while preparing to attend the United States Air Force Academy and become a military officer.

After he arrived at the Academy, Tom believed that God instead wanted him to serve in the full-time ministry, so he resigned his appointment and went home. God had other plans.

Through a painful and confusing series of events, Tom instead ended up three months later at Fort Polk, Louisiana, going through Army basic training. He was assigned to an armored cavalry regiment as an air cavalry scout, flying reconnaissance helicopters and testing new Army tactics with seasoned Vietnam war veterans.

After serving in the Army for three years, Tom followed his desire to enter the full-time ministry and attended a small Bible college in California. Here, he became a member of the college chorale for four years and was given the opportunity to travel to more than four hundred churches and to the Far East. He sang before thousands of people and was able to see many young people accept Christ and surrender their lives to full-time ministry.

He graduated second in his class with a Bachelor’s degree in theology. Tom expected to go to seminary after graduation and earn advanced degrees in theology, hoping to become a Bible college professor. God still had other plans.

After more painful and confusing events, Tom ended up back home in Texas studying electrical engineering. It was hard to understand God’s plan but he pressed on, remaining faithful and active in college ministries and music groups. He earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in business administration.

Following graduation from business school, Tom went to work as a consulting professional in the information technology industry. At the same time, he was given the opportunity to go back into the military as a Navy Reserve officer. He spent over twenty-five years in the information technology industry, working for a major Silicon Valley company, and serving in the Navy Reserve at a major aircraft systems research center. He deployed to Iraq with the Marine Corps supporting aviation combat operations.

Tom is now a technology executive at an engineering consulting firm and recently retired as a senior officer in the Navy Reserve. During his military career, he commanded three units of engineering officers, aviators, and maintenance specialists in cutting edge aviation research and development, and served for almost four years on active duty with the Marine Corps. He is currently involved in several global ministries where he uses his business and technology experience to further the Great Commission.

Through the years, as his life followed such a winding path, Tom always wondered why God would close doors only to open them later, and why it was so difficult to interpret life’s circumstances and find God’s purpose in them. Through his Bible study and many different experiences, he eventually realized how God works with Christians through four major themes found in 2 Timothy 2: the Warrior, the Runner, the Farmer, and the Sacrifice.

Tom shares these principles in “God’s Will for the Rest of Us,” and believes they are as sacred as a call to full-time ministry. He invites followers of Christ in every career field and life situation to explore these amazing and powerful principles by reading “God’s Will for the Rest of Us.”

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