praying for Gods direction

Why did this happen?

It’s incredibly difficult to grasp God’s ultimate purpose when you’re standing over the fresh grave of a suddenly departed loved one. Why did this happen?

In John 9:1–3, when Jesus and His disciples walked by a person who was born blind, they asked Him whether this individual or his parents had sinned to bring on such a tragic judgment. Jesus said, “Neither, this has happened so that the work of God could be displayed and glorified in his life.”

On the other hand, the Bible explicitly says that every one of us will one day give a detailed account of our lives to Him. It may seem difficult to reconcile these two different aspects of God’s will: His ultimate plan and our daily decisions. Once we do, we embark on a life of stewardship before Him to accomplish the missions He’s prepared for us.

There are many verses in the Bible that indicate each of us is where we are right now for a reason in God’s plan.

In The Search, the first e-book in the “God’s Will for the Rest of Us” series, we take a look at the common questions and viewpoints of God’s will and show why some of them lack scriptural basis and lead to confusion. We will also set the stage for the broader study of “God’s will for the rest of us” as the warrior, runner, farmer, and sacrifice.

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