Christians living as a sacrifice

Wrestling with God

It’s not a fun place to be. Lying awake in the middle of the night, we ask God why and plead with Him to reveal what comes next. Why the struggle?

Here is an important principle for “the rest of us”: God conditions us to receive His promises and the missions He’s planned for us. Through the years, I have learned that when God doesn’t tell us what to do, He’s telling us something else: to trust Him, to grow stronger by waiting on Him, and to endure.

God is telling us He wants us to experience firsthand His promise that He’ll never leave or forsake us. Sometimes we have to hold our breath and take the first step through an open door into the unknown. Sometimes we have to find and crawl through an open window when all the doors are closed and locked. Sometimes we have to grab hold of God and hang on until He carries us across a wide, open abyss to the other side.

There are many verses in the Bible that indicate each of us is where we are right now for a reason in God’s plan.

In The Search, the first e-book in the “God’s Will for the Rest of Us” series, we take a look at the common questions and viewpoints of God’s will and show why some of them lack scriptural basis and lead to confusion. We will also set the stage for the broader study of “God’s will for the rest of us” as the warrior, runner, farmer, and sacrifice.

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